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Hosted Competitions Terms & Conditions


    • The sponsor/promoter of all competitions hosted on or Ooosch Mobile Applications is ‘Ooosch Limited’ whose Company Registration Number is 641692 and Registered address is at Cavan Digital Hub Kilmore Business Park, Dublin Rd, Pullamore Far, Cavan H12 YE04 and from hereon-in referred to as Ooosch, ‘we’ or ‘us’.
Laws & Regulations
      • Ooosch operate prize competitions that are free from regulation under the Gambling Act 1956;
      • Although the term ‘raffle’ is often referred to on our website or by hosts, this is for marketing and SEO purposes only and due to the fact that each entrant is required to answer a question or puzzle upon entering, all competitions hosted on our platform are therefore legally considered ‘Prize Competitions’ and not raffles;
Official Partners
    • Although Ooosch Limited is the official sponsor of each competition; some competitions have an ‘Official Partner’ that is responsible for providing the associated prizes for the relevant competitions;
    • Official Partners are contractually obliged to provide the relevant prizes to the winners, whilst all related financial obligations are between Ooosch and the Official Partners;
    • In the absence of an Official Partner, Ooosch is responsible for providing the associated prizes for the relevant competitions;
    • Official Partners can also be referred to as ‘Hosts’

Prize Competitions

    • Only users with a verified email address and mobile number can host a competition on our platform;
    • Hosts are responsible for providing the following information:
      1. Writing the Competition title;
      2. Writing the full description;
      3. Providing 1 to 8 images;
      4. Choosing a delivery/collection option;
      5. Choosing a ticket price;
      6. Choosing the total number of tickets to be issued;
      7. Choosing an end-date;
      8. Choosing a charitable donation;
      9. Choosing an entry question or puzzle;
    • By publishing a competition, the Host enters into a sale/purchase agreement with Ooosch and are contractually obliged to sell their prize to Ooosch under the following terms and conditions; 
      1. Ooosch agrees to purchase the prize for a total price amounting to the described price per ticket multiplied by the total number of tickets sold by the draw date;
      2. Ooosch’s commission and any charitable donation will be deducted from the total price mentioned in 4.3(a);
      3. Ooosch is obliged to pay the Host for the prize within 30 days of the draw date
      4. The Host is obliged to communicate with the winner to arrange delivery or collection of the prize;
      5. The host is obliged to take all necessary steps to ensure the safe exchange of the prize and is expected to obtain all relevant shipment/collection or delivery receipts in case proof is needed in the event of a dispute;
      6. If the Host fails to provide the prize to the winner within 21 days of the draw date, the contract between Ooosch and the Host is deemed null and void and is terminated with immediate effect;
      7. In the event of a dispute, Ooosch reserves the right to investigate the circumstances surrounding the dispute and:
        1. If the dispute is awarded in favour of the Host, Ooosch must pay the Host within 7 working days of the dispute being awarded.
        2. If the dispute is awarded in favour of the winner, Ooosch has no obligation to pay the host and the contract between Ooosch and the Host is terminated with immediate effect.
        3. If the dispute is awarded in favour of the winner, then as per the Ooosch Guarantee, the winner will receive compensation amounting to 75% of the total ticket revenue generated for that competition. If a competition has multiple prizes, then any winner that is awarded a dispute will receive a proportionate share of the 75% compensation.
    • Ooosch reserves the right to cancel any competition without reason;
    • Prohibited items may not be offered as prizes on Ooosch;
    • Any publishing or hosting fees paid to Ooosch are non-refundable.

The following competition information is public and accessible by anyone with or without an Ooosch account:

      1. Title;
      2. Summary;
      3. Prize title;
      4. Prize description;
      5. Prize delivery/collection details;
      6. Images;
      7. Video;
      8. Ticket price;
      9. Total number of tickets;
      10. End-date.

The following user information is restricted to the hosts and entrants of their competition only:

        1. Entrant names;
        2. Entrant profile image (if applicable);
        3. The number of tickets held by each entrant.

The following user information is restricted to competition hosts only:

      1. Entrants email address;
      2. Winners Facebook ID;
      3. Winners telephone number (if applicable)
    • Only Registered Users of Ooosch are eligible to enter competitions hosted on Ooosch or;
    • In order to enter a ‘pay to enter’ competition, each entrant must: 
      1. Submit their answer to the respective question or puzzle;
      2. Pay for the number of tickets they wish to purchase using Ooosch Credit or Credit/Debit card.
      3. Competitions hosted by Ooosch may sometimes give the user the opportunity to select their own entry number, otherwise, ticket number(s) will be assigned at random.  
Questions & Puzzles
    • Each entrant must submit their answer to the respective question or puzzle upon entering each competition;
    • Each competition has a different question or puzzle;
    • Each question or puzzle consists of 3-4 multiple choice answers with only 1 answer being correct;
    • Each partner competition has a refund option, if the competition is not at least 10% sold out within 24 hours or 25% sold out within 7 days entrants may be refunded and competition removed from the website.

The decision will be made by the Ooosch team on whether to continue running a competition if the above criteria is not met. 

    • The partner host is obliged to cover the cost of 50% of the refund fee if the competition is not sold out.  
    • However, be aware 95% of competitions hosted on Ooosch sell out.
Countdown limit
    • Ooosch competitions require a competition timer with end date scheduled. 
    • This can be set from 7 days to 30 days. 
    • If competition is not sold out within the time limit then the timer can be extended by 7days up to 4 times.
    • If still not sold out by the last countdown then an alternative prize of 70% of value raised is awarded. 
    • This prize is guaranteed by Ooosch to the winner.
Ooosch Credit
    • Ooosch Credit can be purchased via Bank Transfer or via Credit/Debit card;
    • Ooosch Credit is strictly non-refundable;
    • To use Ooosch credit, the credit amount must be more than the value of the ticket(s) about to be purchased – then simply select “pay by wallet” at the checkout.
    • Details of each competition entered as well as a list of all purchased tickets can be found on the website or on in the app under ‘My Tickets’;
    • Email confirmation of ticket(s) purchase will be sent out after successful transaction has gone through – this serves as receipt and proof of purchase, as well as confirmation of entry. 
Winner Selection
    • Each ticket that contains the correct answer to the respective question or puzzle is entered into the draw with the winner selected at random by either  
    • a. “Divock” the random ball machine – selected via a live draw on the official Ooosch Facebook Page
    • b. Ooosch’s automated system – that selects a winning number at random the moment the last ticket sells out.
    • A host for a competition on has the option to select which method they prefer. 
Winner Notifications
    • Winners will be notified immediately after the draw;
    • Winners will be notified via Push Notifications within the app (if they have enabled them for Ooosch and have an internet connection);
    • Winners will receive an automated email providing instructions on how to proceed as well as providing the host’s contact information;
    • The host will also receive an email notifying them of the winner’s name, email address, mobile number (if applicable), Facebook ID (if applicable) and ticket information;
    • For a competition that is hosted by Ooosch, a team member will contact you via phone call to let you know you have won. 
    • Delivery of the prize is not included unless specifically stated;
    • If collection of the prize is possible then the host and winner must communicate directly to arrange and agree on a suitable date and time for both parties;
    • Winning ticket holders have 21 days from the CompetitionEnd-Date’ to either ‘Accept’ or ‘Dispute’ the prize;
    • Collection/Delivery of the prize should be concluded prior to the winning ticket holder ‘accepting’ or ‘rejecting’ the prize;
    • If the winner neither ‘accepts’ nor ‘disputes’ the prize within 21 days of the Ooosch End-Date’, we reserve the right to withdraw the prize from the winner and select a replacement winner at random.
    • If a competition is disputed it will be immediately investigated by a member of our Disputes Team who will decide whether the dispute is awarded in favour of the host or the winner(s);
    • By entering any competition hosted on Ooosch, the entrant indicates his/her agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions;
    • These Terms and Conditions are governed by Irish law and any disputes will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Ireland;
    • Winners of competitions permit Ooosch to use of their public profile information (including their name, location, age, profile image and Facebook friends), as well as competition and prize information for any publicity material, should so desire. Any personal data relating to the winner or any other entrants will be used solely in accordance with current Irish data protection legislation and will not be disclosed to a third party without the entrant’s prior consent;
    • In the event of a catastrophe, war, civil or military disturbance, act of God or any actual or anticipated breach of any applicable law or regulation or any other event outside of our control, we reserve the right to cancel or amend the competition and these terms and conditions without notice. Any changes to the competition will be notified to entrants as soon as possible;
    • Neither Contract Partner shall be liable for any delay or failure in performing any of its obligations hereunder, if such delay or failure is, either wholly or partly, due to force majeure conditions such as floods, earthquakes or other acts of God, or any acts of any governmental body or public enemy, wars, riots, embargoes, epidemics, fires, major internet breakdown, mechanical breakdowns, lack of necessary utilities, labour unrest, transport problems or any other causes, circumstances or contingencies beyond the control of such Party (“Force Majeure Event”);
    • This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Apple Inc., Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Network. You are providing your information to Ooosch Limited and not to any other party. The information provided would be used in conjunction with the following Privacy Policy found at