We Are Usually Asked About

1. What if competition is not full by time the timer runs out.

If the competition is not full, the timer will add some time in order for all tickets to sell for the giveaway. This will happen a maximum of 4 times then if competitions is still not sold out a cash alternative of 70% of value raised will be awarded instead and only the people that have entered will go into the live draw.

2. If I win how long does it take for my prize to be delivered?

Your pize will be delivered by post, virtually or by hand personally by one of the Ooosch team within 7 working days of winner being announced.

3. Is the winner selected at random?

Yes, the winner is selected completed at random live by either a random ball machine or by KayJayPlayz via his Twitch channel. Nothing can have any influence on outcome of a live draw.

4. Is there free giveaways I can enter?

Yes, Ooosch hosts one free giveaway every month that is completely free to enter.

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